NewOldSpawn shops

/warp spawn3 was our third spawn in the original Lostwave world. It was created on 04-29-2011. This one was a little better, it was a small castle which contained separate rooms for each level so users could find out what their allowed commands were. This was also the spawn that Moosedishes blew up with TNT. It was rolled back once it was discovered with no permanent damage done. This spawn also had the unique feature that users of different levels spawned in different places. This was the only spawn on the server to ever have this. Right outside of the spawn castle there were a few shops with free signs and also the protection instructions. This protection instruction building was moved to the current spawn and is still in use today. This was also the first spawn that had a /warp build connected to it. The original /Warp Build still exists, it is at /Warp Build1, it was created April 29th 2011.