Citizen is the most common level. After you play for a while and show that you are a good, friendly user, you will become Citizen-Newbie. Then after a good bit more time of proving yourself you will be come Citizen. It usually takes about a week to go from Guest to Citizen-Newbie and about a month to get to Citizen. Most people will never get past Citizen, which is fine as it is the level where you can do most things. If you play a lot and are kind to your fellow users, you will achieve this level and enjoy the server. Citizen-Newbie and Citizen have identical permissions, they are only different to show who has been on for a little while vs. who has been on for a long time.

Below are a list of your commands:

  1. /afk - Marks you as away from the keyboard.
  2. /back - after you die, you can return to your point of death and get your stuff.
  3. /compass - Displays your current bearing in the world.
  4. /depth - Displays your current block depth in relation to sea-level.
  5. /getpos - Displays your current coordinate location in the world.
  6. /ignore <user> - Ignore a player, their chats won't show up for you anymore.
  7. /kit <kitname> - Gives you items in the kit. Current kits are tools, wood, stone, exotics, light, bow, redstone, food
  8. /mail <send/read/clear> <player> <message> - Allows you to send & receive mail from other players on the server. Used for messaging players who are offline.
  9. /me <message> - Emotes a message from you. /me is swimming shows "*Lostwave is swimming" in the chat.
  10. /msg <player> <message> - Sends a private <message> to the <player> specified.
  11. /ping - pings the server.
  12. /sethome <name> - Creates a new home location named <name>
  13. /suicide - Kills yourself. Sometimes helps if you are stuck somewhere. But there are better ways to go about it. Or you could try one of those hotlines
  14. /tpa <user> - Asks a user permission to teleport to them. They will either /tpaccept or /tpdeny you.
  15. /tpahere <user> - Asks a user permission to teleport to you. They will either /tpaccept or /tpdeny you.
  16. /warp <warp> - [Warps] to the specified <warp>. If you just type /warp it will show you a list of warps.
  17. /stats - view your server statistics.
  18. /towny, /town, /resident - Towny Commands. Please see the link for more information.

Plus Citizens also have all the commands that a Guest has.